About us

Presswood is the largest European manufacturer of disposable pallets.

The first Presswood pallet (named INKA Pallets) was made in 1971 in Siegertsbrunn just outside Munich. This production facility has been moved to The Netherlands in the early eighties. In the meantime Presswood pallets are being made in two manufacturing locations in Europe and two in the USA.

Presswood pallets are available in all standard sizes, ranging from a ¼ pallet to the CP3 format.

Distribution is carried out via an area-wide distribution network with over 160 sales outlets in Europe and numerous other countries worldwide.

Presswood pallets are manufactured according to a guaranteed pest-free process. Therefore the pallets are preeminently suitable for worldwide exportation as a universal cargo carrier. Potential quarantine regulations of various countries (such as ISPM15 / NIMF 15) need not be taken into consideration when using Presswood pallets.

Answer to many questions where the Industry is looking for.

The Vierhouten group

The Vierhouten Group is the collective name for several companies whom provide smart solutions for packing and transport. The combination of what these companies have to offer is often the answer to many questions where the Industry is looking for.

The companies within the Vierhouten group are being presented on this page and on a separate web page called: www.vierhoutengroup.com



One world, one pallet


Mondipal are a specialist independent seller of new and used plastic pallets and plastic containers. We work with many different plastic pallet manufacturers throughout the world, so can offer you expert impartial advice for your company. We hold large stocks in our warehouses, so can offer businesses fast delivery throughout the UK at very competitive prices. www.mondipal.co.uk

Asbestos-bags, big bags for construction, demolition and industry


Portex Holland is a leading supplier of various big bags and asbestos bags. We deliver both straight from STOCK and fully customised to meet customer requirements. We hope that our many years’ experience with different packaging products will enable us to provide you too with fitting and attractive advice. Our core values are: personal contact, flexibility and solution orientation. www.portex-holland.nl

Packaging solutions

Portex packaging

Portex Packaging has been a leading producer and wholesaler of various (crystal clear) packaging materials since 1987. In May 2008, Portex Verpakkingen B.V. became a division of the Vierhouten Group.

While Portex Packaging specialises in the production and sales of printed and plain crystal clear packaging. We also supply packaging in the broadest sense of the word and are active in the following sectors: greeting cards, food, pharmaceutical, personal care, hobby, craft and industrial. www.portex.nl

Pallet blocks and wood packaging


Euroblock-Verpackungsholz GmbH is a sales association for packaging timber and composite blocks. The associates of Euroblock Verpackungsholz GmbH arePfeifer Holz GmbH based in Unterbernbach/Germany and the Dutch companyPresswood International B.V. of Ermelo. Both companies hold a 50% share in Euroblock. The advantages that this joint venture offers to everyone who needs or produces professional packaging solutions are obvious: extensive know-how, first class service and optimised product segments. We are present on the international market and can deliver just-in-time to every customer. 30 years of experience in block production means we are able to fulfil every customer requirement to perfection. www.euroblock.com

The largest European manufacturer of disposable pallets


INKA Paletten GmbH (Inka pallets Ltd.) is the largest European distributor of disposable pallets made of the patented derived timber product Werzalit. The first INKA pallet was made in 1971 in Siegertsbrunn just outside Munich. The registered office of the company is still located there today. In the meantime, INKA has two manufacturing locations in Europe and two in the USA. www.inka-paletten.com

Leading producer and wholesaler of a diverse range of flexible packaging


Westflex has been a leading producer and wholesaler of a diverse range of flexible packaging since 2001, our staff have more than 30 years experience in the market. We can supply either directly from STOCK or provide custom made products to our customers individual requirements. Based on our many years of experience with a diverse range of materials and applications we are able to provide the very best advice and service. We pride ourselves on our personal contact, solution focused approach and above all our flexibility.  www.westflex.co.uk

A transport company specialising in full load, part load and pallet consignments


A2B-online is a transport company specialising in full load, part load and pallet consignments to and from the United Kingdom, Benelux and Germany. You can experience our unique selling point, which is our web based customer portal, from the very first consignment you BOOK with us online. www.a2b-online.com


A2b-online container

Container Division door/door

With our own lo/lo (lift on/lift off) short sea service from Moerdijk we offer our customer the most cost effective integrated door/door route from the Continent to the United Kingdom.
Our fleet of 45ft pallet wide containers that we operate are all high cube & pallet wide and ensures that the optimum is achieved in your payload using besides road, multimodal systems like barge and rail. This especially for cargo flows that are well suited to be carried by inner waterways or on long distances travelling by rail.

Moerdijk is ideally located just outside the vicinity of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest container port.
Shipping containers from this port reduces the haulage cost quite considerable. The difference in distance for cargo coming from the East is 31 kilometers in comparison to the nearest short sea terminal in Rotterdam. Furthermore it avoids driving on to the congested motorways around Rotterdam. As a consequence we can operate a very cost effective planning system, reducing CO2 emissions, whereby our advantage is the customer’s advantage.

Our service and business approach are based upon human business relationships, reliability, continuity, sustainability and last but not least we assist you in improving your bottom-line.  www.a2b-online.com